Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Just 10 minutes in front of TV urged me to post some words. It's been a while since the last post because I am not totally in touch with what happens around (well, that is good finally).
First of all, TV news windows (a greek innovation,[for all the non-greeks, please confirm]) on the new history book for the last class of the primary school. The news title, "Greek-Orthodox Church Vs Historians, the conflict". In a few words, the role of this church on the national political integration of the country of the 300 of Leo is undermined. Some quotes from the dozens of speakers in various channels:
"Political diplomacy of the previous social-democratic government after negotiation and talks with the Turkish cultural status quo, agreed on a cossensus upon the historical accounts in the two countries' school books. The mystic schooling services provided by the church, the role of some people from the church during the pre-intepedence years, lots of political issues, (mostly stereotypes, my comment), are kept into darkness because Turks do not like it. We do harm to our history for reasons of international diplomacy."
"At last, we have to teach young children that the role of this church in the intepedence is not primary to other reasons that led to this fact."

I did not catch much but lots of questions crossed my mind. Why should we still keep on arguing on such issues? Does TV finally harms history, the church, the kids? Who do these people represent, the greek people? Is it better for kids to read less biased historical books? What is the share of logic in the neo-greek culture? Who is finally expert in history, clerics, journalists or researchers? And many more...

Secondly, the 300 are out and the aged Mayor of Sparte in his grey (mpliaaxx) suit seriously comments: "This is very good for the economic development of the region. We are expecting lots of tourists in the summer." I initially gave him five (u know how, huh? the greek way, show your palm with your fingers spread). Afterwards I thought that this is a good road to regional development. For all of you that want to come, be careful, prices will catch fire. But you had to see that man speaking like a redneck. So f...g shit.

What is more is competition on consumer goods, especially milk. Supermarkets start importing cheap milk of high maintenance from the Austrian Alpes. Local milk industrialists are mad, poducers are sad, the government is happy that competition will put an end to trade cartels, populist journalists are sure that this is the main reason of poverty. However, the ones that should be happy, that is the consumers, are starting boycotts. Why? Because their official union observes that Supermarkets are completely unaccountable to their overall price policies. Do not watch the news, just read some academic articles on what competition and globalisation in retailing brings all around the globe: CONTRADICTIONS, perfect for a social scientist......I can help you with this.

To take it easy now, some movies that blowed my mind last weeks:
  • “Das Leben der Anderen” (Οι ζωές των άλλων)
  • Ελεύθερη Βούληση (Free Will)

And one that was promised to do so but.....

  • The Good Shepherd (Ο Καθοδηγητής)

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Zan said...

I understand the nature of your post is a diary, driven by a need to record your feelings and thoughts reflections to the tv condition and generally the new greks mentality.However, your diary does not want to be in solitude that's why you share it with us!
I am also sad with life in greece.It is an unfair society,very conservative,people have given up hope of any change ,they keep the head down and finally they become part of this humiliating,indignifying system.I believe we deserve better,and that we can achieve better if we start to demand what we deserve,and care more of our fellow humans rights as well.Everybody should draw the line to what they regards as unacceptable and expect more for themself and the rest.Not in a couple of years time but NOW. Now that we are in our primes,we are better than them and deserve better! No more, I am the old you are the new and should go through what i have been stories, no more patronising, no more old virtual political differences.Open choices to everybody, respect for everybody.Let's live a better life Now!