Monday, July 2, 2007


Two more songs inspired by my favourite hard rock album, "Powertrip" by the Monster Magnet. Though initially I started with a sense of space timeology, I ended up with some earthy anger and agony.


I got burnt in the edge of your killer mind
Oh babe some devil animal ate the weave of time
And put me in an endless fainty flight

But I never gonna blow it all up for you Ms Hurricane spider
I ‘ll be transformed in a dirty little cripple accident
to plant the planets for your endless excile.

The buildings of their desire and the profits of thy trade
Will be drowned in a schizoid terrorist supervision
With no worry , just surey, I’ll set the orchestration
For the final, the most successful scene
Where the comets of your dreams collide in an endless pain.


Wake up to construct a meaning that gives us hope
Sleep before the doubt of your dreams arise
I will stay awake just to love it for you
You see what I see is reveletions of an expectation
unreal and vain.

Sleep tight with a chord of silence
And leave the bummer words for me
Tomorrow our manifest will rise above clouds
And planets will read the poems of their future
Let me be prepared for the guilt of time evacuation
Keep your head on the ground
For I will fly for the courts of the sky.