Friday, June 22, 2007

Death blue songs

I watched a concert by Mary and the Boy last night , a greek group that compines minimal arrangements based on a synthesizer, a drum boot and two voices and traces back to cabaret and gothic/avantgarde aesthetics to bring forward a neo-decadence meaning in popular music.
I was touched a bit and wrote the City death blue songs.

I walk this dirty city, city of death
I am a ready faker, on mask of a clown
It is time to sell my body, to powers above
I tell you death is always, always around

My mind is scorched and narrow, nothing inside
I beg for a little wonder, to save my time
when time will come that the breath pushes the breaks
I tell you death is waiting, hopeless and grave

High all your hand, get you tight in the flesh
I am gone
Play like a chess, no more sorrow, no regrets
I am done

Will you teach me a way to live
Will you ever never leave me behind

No pain, no rest, devil wakes me up again
Oh shit
When the choir gets undressed and the night talks unrest
Bummer God

to be continued..