Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Corporation Labour

In the end what counts is what you are working for. If you work for a corporation then you work for the interests of this organisation. You consciously adopt or not a moral conscience dictated from this fact, your labourness.
You are , for example, a higher technician in an electronics company that makes microchips for pcs. You work 10 hours per day and according to the argument you can have power by your inventiveness and the mastery of your knowledge. However, you still sell your labour for money, for living your life and your family. You are still a worker.
Those who decide above you, maybe directors or shareholders, are not actually workers, they are capitalists or bourgeoise according to the other argument. They dictate the Corporate Moral to you, without you knowing it in advance. There is a clear separation of moral and material roles inside the corporation.
So, how does it happen that you have power, where is this power materialised and in what things (goods and values)? In illusionary visions of belonging to a societal structure , an illusion of power but in real contrast of interests to those above you. The corporation needs you, but do you need the corporation? You say yes, and what are your reasons? Because you work and release positive energy and can earn some money (in case a lot).
But, are you really that happy, do you feel to invent, to think, to act? What if your findings come against the corporation's structure? Do you measure/limitate your methods of working to the corporation's higher purposes? Does finally the corporation obstruct you from being a truly free man? What are you really looking for? Money, glory, acknowledgement? I never understood why is it so important to (lets say) search methods for the soap packaging and transportation. Are you really into this? Do these make you a better man to the eyes of your close or only to those above you? Are you any afraid of them, of their approval, or you are not scared and think you are equal to them?
Are you gonna do this job all of your life? No? Then , become a capitalist by yourself. Can you?

Inspired while reading an old version of Galbraith's "The New Industrial State" a few months ago.