Friday, February 9, 2007


Surfing on the internet. From the issue of the illegal (!) refugees to the late 19th century anarchist movement in Patras. Stories chronologically detracted one from another. But somewhere there is an unseen line connecting each other. Maybe it is the immigrants, Italians after the revolution of 1848 back then, Kurds,Afghans and Iraquis after the two USA wars, these foreigners that wake up either humanism or racism to the locals. Italians left by 1860-70, Asians may leave too. What remains? The forgotten history of this town formed around multiculturalism, the future challenge of a modern society at the cost of the "illegals", the ugly, the dirty, the dangerous, the marginalisation of human rights, of urban landscape tied up with past and future history (meaning its cultural character built in diverse ethnic and popular fashions of the past -jews, turks, vlachs, italians, albanians- and the future ones to come - Africans, Asians, Indians, Chinese, Eastern Europeans - and not only the high-class neoclassicism). Refurbishing the old houses to present a Cultural Capital of Europe brings international prestige. Creating a center for all the poor refugees has to be negotiated among all kinds of beraucratic institutions. Expect to see beautiful beraucratic stories taking place in Hague when the Greek State will be put under trial for not taking care of the problems of H&S and public safety but, instead ,while putting hundreds on tracks to send them back to their countries, a brutal accident happens due to the inadequacy of the tacks to carry 50 bodies in a single cargo. How can we see all these when all we care is our job and amusement....

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