Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spirit and Matter

Marx for his humanity and Nietzhe for his hyper-humanity. On one side respect and love for the human needs. On the other side, man in the middle of the universal chaos, beyond his biological and social structure. These are not two contradictory perceptions. They simply sense the meaning of existence of human kind in a different way. If man’s fulfillment is an action that transcends the whole universe, embodied in the spirit that transcends time and space (Nietzche), then it returns back to the human body, the matter inside of which experience is sensed.


Marijn said...

am sorry to disagree, Nietzsche saw no harmony in human beings. He saw man as he is: individual, egoistic and cannibalistic. Human beings were self-destructive and only able to collectively for the goal of self-enrichment. Although their influence might have been similar (i.e. Hegel), their deriving life perceptions were very different.



baspal said...

Sure, but their parallel influence, not in a theoretical but a practical, a self-enlighting approach, can be compatible. Anyway, that is the gift of post-modernism.I feel happy for being just a reader and not a theory creator.