Saturday, February 3, 2007

Welcome everyone

Hi everyone!

I welcome you in my new blog. I decided to go really high-tech. I used to be in deep midnights (please, laugh to this greeklish) about the things that happen online. I 've got the inspiration to create my own blog while reading the new book of Mimis Androulakis (you do not know him? He is a greek politician of the left). I visited his blog and then I was entered in a totally new world of communication. Lots of other blogs attracted my attention, mostly the ones with political content.
I am eager to sharing my thoughts about what is happening around us with you. Writing is one of my pleasures and I hope you enjoy reading my words. I chose to write in English because I want to endorse friends that come from all around the world. However, whoever prefers to talk in greek, that's allright on the condition that he/she will not disorder the dialogue. I hope we will have very interesting discussions.


Alex said...

Καλως μας ήρθες φιλαράκι... Κι ας μου την δίνει λίγο η επιλογή γλώσσας!!!

Andreas said...

Καλοριζικο, ευχομαι να επαληθευθουν οι προσδοκιες σου για το Blog, και θα πρεπει να συμφωνησω με την επιλογη της γλωσσας.Καθως η συζητηση θα γινει πιο ενδιαφερουσα αν εχουν τη δυνατοτητα να εκφραστουν και ανθρώποι εκτος ελληνικης πραγματικοτητας.Good Luck my friend!

ice lady (The Union Silverfuck) said...

vasilara sagapao me tin psihi mou

"the time has come to hold us young....."

sineeehaaaaaaaaaa reeeeeeeeee....